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Hệ thống quét lam mẫu tự động

Module chụp cụm Metaphase tự động – AutoCapt

Automated Image Acquisition AutoCapt is a perfect addition to all Metafer scanning applications. It efficiently increases the automation degree of yourMetafer system, allowing for automatic acquisition of images at high resolution. All Metafer scanning applications are generating position lists, representing the positions of detected objects. Based on these position lists, AutoCapt relocates selected objects and automatically… Read more

Module tìm kiếm tín hiệu FISH tự động – MetaCyte

Automated Imaging Each microscopic sample is different; automation of imaging therefore demands flexibility, but is exempt from subjectivity. Metafer‘s unique concept provides a subtle solution: a user-trainable classifier precisely defines the scanning standards; and with the selection of another classifier the system is quickly switched to the next task. This is the reason for MetaCyte’s… Read more

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