Fast and Efficient Detection of Rare Cells

Metafer RCDetect identifies rare cells based on their specific staining pattern. RCDetect is extremely fast and accurate, thus, ideal for applications such as finding isolated tumor cells in blood or bone marrow preparations. Each detected cell is stored with its precise location on the slide and a gallery image is generated. The position list of all positive objects can subsequently be used either for quick one-click relocation, or as map for other assays, so that the same cells can be analyzed for many different aspects.

  • Extremely fast scanning
    RCDetect scans up to 7,000 cells per second and detects rare events with high precision.
  • Full documentation of detected cells
    All detected objects are stored with their positions on the slide and a gallery image. A simple click with the mouse relocates the cells under the microscope for inspection, and the positions can be used as map for subsequent scan, e.g. with the scanning image cytometer MetaCyte.
  • Special detection algorithm
    RCDetect uses a special method to detect rare events based on their staining pattern. Scanning is done in the signal channel, which makes the system very fast, and special staining patterns (e.g. membrane bound antibody staining) are precisely identified. A second signal color channel can be used to confirm the detection made based on the first signal color channel. Counter stain signals are used to distinguish the finding from extracellular debris.

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