Slide Overview and Image Stitching

VSlide Image of a Tissue MicroarrayVSlide is the versatile virtual slide scanner from MetaSystems. Based on the renowned slide scanning platform Metafer, VSlide combines the advantages of a motorized microscope with modern, high-quality imaging automation. Therefore VSlide is not restricted to predefined magnifications or contrasting modes. Even Z-stacks are automatically acquired, providing the possibility to virtually ‘focus’ through the digitized sample.

Fluorescence Stitching

VSlide is especially strong in fluorescence mode. Based on 25 years of experience in fluorescence imaging, it reliably handles complex fluorescence images and even images with a combination of fluorescence and bright field.

Imaging with VSlide is very easy. The system automatically reads and interprets bar code labels, and pre-scans facilitate tissue detection in bright field, transmitted light, dark field, or any other contrasting method. The final high resolution scan can be done with any microscope magnification.

A virtual slide image is generated automatically by the dedicated stitching software. Different contrasting methods and color modes are available to be combined in one file, or in separate data sets. Since the source files are kept on the system, image stitching can anytime be repeated, e.g. to create another image with different color channel settings.

Local and Remote Image Viewers

VSlide users can choose from a variety of output file formats, including the revolutionary MetaViewer / VMD format (VSI). VSI images contain all relevant image information including color channel details, focus stacks, and annotations. Locally VSI images are inspected with the versatile MetaViewer software (free for VSlide users), which offers many tools for image viewing and analysis. For remote image inspection the internet based VMD server solution offers the possibility to organize image databases, to manage user access rights, and to view VSI images directly in any web browser.

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